DRAMATIC PLAY: for social, communication, language skills, independence and confidence.
BOOK CORNER: for language skills, communication, print awareness and imagination.
PUZZLES & GAMES: for problem solving, turn taking, eye hand coordination and concepts.
BLOCK CORNER: for eye-hand co-ordination, math & science, social, language, creativity and aesthetics.
PLAY DOUGH: for eye-hand co-ordination, muscle control, social, language and fine motor development.
CONSTRUCTION TOYS: for eye-hand co-ordination, problem solving, concepts, language, social, creativity and aesthetics.
ART & CRAFT (PAINTING, DRAWING, COLLAGE): for self expression, creativity, aesthetics, muscle control, eye-hand co-ordination & problem solving.


SAND: large muscle skills, fine motor skills, sensory textures of sand and water, role play and social skills.
CARPENTRY: a learning experience in which a child may use grown up tools, problem solve, design and express creativity and hand-eye co-ordination and skills.
WATER PLAY: develops sensory experiences, relaxation, discover the properties of water, hypothesize & predict mathematical and scientific concepts.
TRAMPOLINE & SWING: develop gross motor skill, turn taking & co-ordination.
BIKES & SCOOTERS: develop gross motor skill, hand-eye co-ordination, risk taking.
BALL GAMES: develops hand-eye co-ordination, large muscle skills, team work, turn taking & communication.
CLIMBING EQUIPMENT: use of large muscles, co-ordination skills, spacial awareness, provides opportunity for risk taking & communication skills.