Goonellabah Pre-School offers a challenging, inspiring and stimulating educational program which emphasizes learning through play.  

Our children are given ample opportunity to explore both indoor and outdoor learning experiences which reflect their strengths, needs and interests. A variety of play opportunities are balanced to enable each child the opportunity to reach their full potential, these include: discovery, problem solving, structured play and individual and group discussion.
Our program incorporates experiences for children that develops relevant life skills and school readiness including; literacy, numeracy, communication and cognitive development, computer skills, imagination, creativity, drama, positive social interactions, self esteem and independence, resilience, fine and gross motor activities, health and nutrition, culture, environmental awareness, protective behavior, music and movement, science exploration and problem solving.
We actively incorporate the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) within our education program. Our program is inclusive and values each child’s individual culture, language, ability and learning style to develop positive self esteem and an inspired attitude toward learning. We promote an Indigenous and multicultural perspective that acknowledges and supports awareness and respect for the equity of cultures that make up our community. We ensure the dignity and rights of each child are maintained at all times within a framework of support, positive guidance and values of family. We are currently partnering with the Gunarwirra Project to include the '5 big ideas' into our program.
Educators plan for children individually and in group contexts as part of an ongoing planning cycle.